Friday, 28 April 2017

Top Aspects Required to Make a Strong Fall Protection Plan

Any work that involves height needs to be protected with sufficient safety measures. In this regard, an efficient fall protection plan is must. The presence of a sound safety procedure assures safe working environment for the workers associated with it. Let’s unravel some important points upon which the subject needs more attention.

1. Mapping of essential loop holes:

A fall protection plan becomes more accurate, when essential fall hazards are associated with the existing work area. The presence of multiple obstacles such as holes, skylights, platforms, sharp edges and debris make the working area more unsafe.

2. Availability of all necessary equipments:

If a work place needs to be guarded with fall protection plan, it is barely necessary for the site to have below mentioned equipments;

  • Guardrails
  • Ladder
  • Swing-Arm System
  • Overhead System
  • Positioning Bridge System
  • Portable and Mobile System
  • Platform/Gangway
  • Safety Gates
  • Warning Line System

All equipments must be compliant under OSHA and ANSI standards to meet maximum safety benchmark on work front.

3. Correct follow up of all protection system:

By this it means, every product carries with itself proper procedure of assembly, maintenance, inspection and disassembly laid by the manufacturer. Also, it is advised that a competent person may inspect the equipments in frequent intervals of 1 year or so. The inspection plan must comply with the standard of OSHA 1926.502(d)(21). If any defective equipment, especially ladder safety gate, comes to the notice, the same must be tagged and replaced as soon as possible.

4. Proper Handling and storing system:

The place of storing the equipments must be ideal. It should free from any open air contact on frequent basis that makes them contaminated.  Equipments must be placed securely with adequate space among each other to avoid any mechanical damage. The overall ideology should be to keep them free from the touch of heat, moisture and corrosion failing to which the contamination may lead to rust, corrosion, discoloration and deformation.

5.  Safe rescue of injured workers:

An adequate strategy to rescue the fallen workers holds primary in a fall protection plan. According to the instruction of OSHA, employees must be provided with immediate rescue from the fall and also must be self capable enough to rescue them. It is important because, unless they are recovered in time, the accident may cause serious injuries related to suspension trauma.

6. Nature of work wise specific plan:

The fall protection plan may or may not be ideal for two different work sites. It varies and depends solely upon the nature of work that they deal with. In this regard, the fall protection plan must be specific for each work group by analysing the possible fall hazards individually.

At CAI safety system, we provide custom OSHA fall protection solutions and also provide perfect solution for workers on roofs and aircrafts. They also provide adequate training how to deal with skylight fall protection and many others under the guidance laid by OSHA and ANSI.